Karianna SWF

(L A Karat × F Cognacs Fantasy)
2011 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

Karianna is a beautiful grey filly with a short head, refined muzzle and large black eyes. Her neck and shoulder are superb with excellent length and shape. Her body is very correct, with a strong short back with a tail set on just right. All that sits on four very strong straight legs that allows this girl to move. Much like her dam F Cognacs Fantasy and her grandam BB Flamingo Rose Karianna has the most amazing attitude and style about herself. The entire female side of her pedigree is known for their attitudes and style.

Her sire is LA Karat a son of WH Justice imported from Europe and making beautiful foals here in the USA. Karianna's dam is F Cognacs Fantasy one of precious daughters of Stonewall Farm's foundation mare BB Flamingo Rose. A grey daughter of Cognac, whose pedigree blends such superb Polish and Russian sires as *Bask, Witraz, Comet and *Naborr, her dam is a *Bask granddaughter who represents the best of American breeding through her female line. Fantasy, like her dam BB Flamingo Rose and her beautiful daughter, are simply classic.


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