HB Violet

(Gazal Al Shaqab × HB Versara)
2006 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare

HB Violet is to me the epitome of everything I want in an Arabian mare. A world class pedigree, beautiful head with the biggest black eyes. Her neck is truly amazing, it not only has a very good length but it's also the way she uses it and carries herself. A solid body with fantastic tail carriage and superb legs and feet. Overall she has excellent conformation. Violet has a certain style about her, she is regal and has a attitude that is perfect for the show ring. She loves to get all snorty and blow, then when she knows she has your attention she starts the show..... and she doesn't disappoint in any way. 

Violet won the very first class of the very first World Cup Arabian Show in Las Vegas, she was such an incredible filly that has become the incredible mare. 

(reference photo of Gazal Al Shaqab) 

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Gazal Al Shaqab Anaza El Farid Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Bint Deenaa *Ansata Ibn Halima++
Kajora Kaborr+++ *Naborr
Bint Khol Ameh
*Edjora++ Exelsjor
HB Versara Versace Fame VF + Bey Shah+
Precious As Gold *El Shaklan
Autumn In Gold
Radiance Bey V Huckleberry Bey++ Bay El Bey++
Rachel V Dylemat
MS Raffina